Where To Download Free Android Apps

There is a big question running in everyone’s mind that where to download free android apps with full version. As the market is flooded with the free android apps so there is certainly no shortage of free apps but it’s becoming very difficult to find the free android apps with their full version. There are a great places across the internet where you can easily purchase and download a wide variety of latest apps that are not available in the official app stores. Here I am describing a brief list of most famous marketplaces on the Internet from where you can find your favorite applications easily.

Google Play Store — The primary stop for any Android user is always be Google Play Store.  It  is the in built software on the latest android devices which are running android OS version 2.2 or higher. User’s can purchase and enjoy their favorite apps from play store without any hassle. They also provides easy access to movies and e-books. Google play store has largest collection of free and paid applications.


Amazon – Amazon App store for mobile offers best apps to users. They had launched a large  marketplace for user in the past years March 2011 with a few collection of applications. But in the recent time the App-store has offers thousands of apps across the world. They offers you a paid, as well as free applications and games for everyday.


Get Android Stuff – It is one of the most independent Android market store, and they can offer some interesting applications that are not found in Google play store. They have large collection of best applications and games. Users can search out their favorite games through names and categories and  also narrow down the search by their version. Get Android Stuff is the best alternative to Google Play.


Last Message For Android – Available Now With Latest Version

Our new Android app is specially designed for the Android phone experience. The new app is free of charge. Users can easily download the new android app last message by going to Google Play Store on their mobile in the market store and searching for the “Last Message”. You can also click on the click below to get the application. The free android application is customizable and great solution to the low battery problem lets you send the warning message once your mobile battery has been depleted, also check the battery temperature and much more.

We’ve been working from the last 3 months to make this new android application a high-class mobile experience. If you currently have the oldest version of Last Message, you won’t be advertised to upgrade. It generally requires a normal visit to the Google Play Store to download free application.

Some Important features of Last Message free android application include in the latest version:

You can easily manage the Start time and Stop time and also set it to disabled if always active is selected by default.

You can also changes to start time and stop time if it may not be saved corrected.

In the oldest version the Last Message may hang during test email sending but in the latest version the problem has been fixed.

Some other minor issues are also been resolved to make apps more useful and user-friendly.

You can also try the updated version of this application and tell us how you feel. So that we can make our application more powerful and user-friendly. Get more information about the android app.

Best Android Apps For This week

Welcome to my blog. Today we discuss the newest and most interesting free android apps released on the Google Play Store. If you are wondering what should you install on your new android phone this week here is a list of free android apps that I personally recommending to everyone.

Facebook –It is a social media networking website. There is no need to say much about this application because there are already most of people are using this application. The recent updates of Facebook have comes with lots of improved features. Facebook for android phones make it easy to stay connect and share information, updates with your friends.


Candy Crush Saga – I know everybody love this game and already know about this game. The game have challenging and fun match puzzle . This game is now available for I-pad, i phone and android phones. In this game you have to match the combination of three colors and to gain points and other bonuses as you progress on the next level.


Instagram – Instagram is a beautiful, funny, and fast app to share your photos with your family and friends in easy way. You can also share your photos on facebook, twitter, tumbler too. This is a free app available on Google play store and you can transform everyday moment of your life into work of arts.


You-Tube – Now you can Experience the fast and latest version of You-tube app on your android phones. Watch and download your favourite videos anywhere, any-time with the official app for android. 


All of above apps for android are free. These apps are available on the Google Play Store. If you think that I missed some best apps. Feel free to give it a short in the comments here. Other useful apps to checkout Last Message

Feed My App Review

Feed My App Review

Are you always aware when your batteries are running low on your mobile. If you say yes, you are probably in the minority because figures show that most people have no idea and only decide to recharge their batteries at the last minute or, even worse, when they grab their phone in the morning only to realize that they are out of juice.

Introduction to Last Message

Last Message is an android application. This app is a customize and smart solution to the low battery problem. Users can set the app to notify someone through Twitter, Email, SMS or Facebook to warn them that you may not be in-contact once your phone battery has been depleted. 

With everybody now connected to the internet and always in contact, it is important for you to let your friends and family know when you may not be-able to be contacted so they can have peace of mind next time you don’t reply to a tweet, Facebook message, email or SMS.

Last Message runs in the background of your device and monitors your battery. Users can personalize the away message in anyway they’d like and even choose at what percentage they’d like the app to send the message. So next time your battery becomes depleted, you can be confident that your contacts will know exactly why you are not reachable on your mobile. Last Message combines a simple and one-time setup with full customization, so you can have your personal away message sent to your chosen contacts.

As well as being simple, Last Message includes advanced features – use the Statistics page to learn additional information about the battery that your device houses, measure the battery temperature trend and more if needed.

Got your charger around? No problem! You can set a start and stop time, meaning that between your chosen hours, Last Message will not send the alerts. You can also configure the days you’d like the app to function on and configuring your accounts is just as simple.

Last Message is a tool that you’ll never want to live without, giving the peace of mind to you and your recipient.

Last Message requires Android 2.2 or higher, meaning that it will work on most modern devices although some older devices may not be supported.

Get it on Google Play