Best Android Apps For This week

Welcome to my blog. Today we discuss the newest and most interesting free android apps released on the Google Play Store. If you are wondering what should you install on your new android phone this week here is a list of free android apps that I personally recommending to everyone.

Facebook –It is a social media networking website. There is no need to say much about this application because there are already most of people are using this application. The recent updates of Facebook have comes with lots of improved features. Facebook for android phones make it easy to stay connect and share information, updates with your friends.


Candy Crush Saga – I know everybody love this game and already know about this game. The game have challenging and fun match puzzle . This game is now available for I-pad, i phone and android phones. In this game you have to match the combination of three colors and to gain points and other bonuses as you progress on the next level.


Instagram – Instagram is a beautiful, funny, and fast app to share your photos with your family and friends in easy way. You can also share your photos on facebook, twitter, tumbler too. This is a free app available on Google play store and you can transform everyday moment of your life into work of arts.


You-Tube – Now you can Experience the fast and latest version of You-tube app on your android phones. Watch and download your favourite videos anywhere, any-time with the official app for android. 


All of above apps for android are free. These apps are available on the Google Play Store. If you think that I missed some best apps. Feel free to give it a short in the comments here. Other useful apps to checkout Last Message


Feed My App Review

Feed My App Review

Are you always aware when your batteries are running low on your mobile. If you say yes, you are probably in the minority because figures show that most people have no idea and only decide to recharge their batteries at the last minute or, even worse, when they grab their phone in the morning only to realize that they are out of juice.