Last Message For Android – Available Now With Latest Version

Our new Android app is specially designed for the Android phone experience. The new app is free of charge. Users can easily download the new android app last message by going to Google Play Store on their mobile in the market store and searching for the “Last Message”. You can also click on the click below to get the application. The free android application is customizable and great solution to the low battery problem lets you send the warning message once your mobile battery has been depleted, also check the battery temperature and much more.

We’ve been working from the last 3 months to make this new android application a high-class mobile experience. If you currently have the oldest version of Last Message, you won’t be advertised to upgrade. It generally requires a normal visit to the Google Play Store to download free application.

Some Important features of Last Message free android application include in the latest version:

You can easily manage the Start time and Stop time and also set it to disabled if always active is selected by default.

You can also changes to start time and stop time if it may not be saved corrected.

In the oldest version the Last Message may hang during test email sending but in the latest version the problem has been fixed.

Some other minor issues are also been resolved to make apps more useful and user-friendly.

You can also try the updated version of this application and tell us how you feel. So that we can make our application more powerful and user-friendly. Get more information about the android app.


Feed My App Review

Feed My App Review

Are you always aware when your batteries are running low on your mobile. If you say yes, you are probably in the minority because figures show that most people have no idea and only decide to recharge their batteries at the last minute or, even worse, when they grab their phone in the morning only to realize that they are out of juice.